Masks of Doom - Collaboration Project…

I was approached a couple of weeks ago by Gary ‘Blue-Frog’ Boon who asked if I’d like to be a part of his Masks of Doom series as he’s a fan of my work. This being the first time I’ve been asked to do something like this, I instantly leapt at the chance!

The basic idea is that Gary has cast 12 resin masks from an original piece of his own creation, which are designed to be worn by Mini Munny dolls. Two masks were given to each of the six artist’s that are involved and the final products will be up for sale at this year’s ToyConUK! 

I feel very privileged to be asked to be a part of this as my counterparts are some of the best custom toy artists around! Little old me has only been dabbling in sculpture for the last 7 months or so, so this is a fairly big deal! So far I think I’m living up to expectations (provided they were high of course), what do you think?

The first mask is based upon a plague doctor. Shots of the second mask will be online soon.

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